Exceptional Sunsets, Views and Food: The Hyatt Resort Key West

A trip to Key West is something that is hard to put into words. Whether you go expecting to experience a tropical paradise at its best, unique cultural specific dining, or a combination of both – the island of Key West assuredly delivers beyond expectations.

As part of your stay, finding the right accommodations ties everything together, providing that luxurious environment for you to relax in between venturing out. However, not all hotels and resorts are created equal. The Hyatt Resort in Key West, for instance, has a reputation of going above the standard, providing over-the-top amenities that in short, make guests feel like royalty.

Below are some elements of this prime location to consider as you decide on your island accommodations.

Guest Rooms, Architecture, and Decor

The guest rooms at the Hyatt Resort in Key West are the standard by which all other resort guest rooms on the island should be set against. They boast large, open floor plans with updated decor and in an immaculate setting that is the epitome of comfort. Combine that with a large private balcony for sightseeing and Grand Beds so comfortable that you will find yourself having trouble actually leaving your room every morning to get out and explore the island.


As a guest of the Hyatt, you will not have to leave the compound to experience some of the best dining in all of Key West. From the Blue Mojito Pool Bar and Grill to the famous SHOR seafood grill, there are plenty of delectable choices to keep that palette stimulated all trip long.

SHOR American Seafood Grill – Open from breakfast to dinner, the SHOR American Seafood Grill is serving up some of the best fresh seafood on the island. Whether you are in the mood for a gourmet omelet and Havana corn beef hash with your coffee, or a savory Florida lobster tail with dinner, SHOR has got you covered.

Blue Mojito Pool Bar and Grill – Some days, you may find that you are hungry, but you just can’t pull yourself away from the refreshing island breeze of the outdoors. Fortunately, the Blue Mojito Bar and Grill anticipated such behavior, offering scrumptious casual dining served to guests as they sit at the tropical open-air bar, or in private outdoor seating areas with lavish designer chairs surrounded by lush foliage. The perfect combination of ambiance, island flair, and delicious modern dining.

Luxurious Extras

In addition to impeccable rooms and dining, The Hyatt offers guests of a variety of luxurious extras that many other hotels either add additional charges for or simply do not have.

  • Prime location just minutes from Old Town Key West
  • Pampering Spa
  • Fitness Center
  • Private Beach
  • Pool with poolside service
  • Recently renovated interior
  • E-Concierge
  • WiFi

Breathtaking Views

What would a visit to Key West be without a view of the famous Key West Caribbean sunset? Fortunately, your stay at The Hyatt comes with many breathtaking viewing opportunities by default. Whether you opt to enjoy the setting sun from the comfort of your private balcony as you sip an afternoon cocktail, or while scarfing a savory meal at the SHOR American Seafood Grill, you will undoubtedly return home with a camera full of breathtaking panoramic shots.

Combining the elements of a trip to beautiful Key West with the perfect resort accommodations is the recipe for an impeccable stay on the island. With exceptional sunsets, rooms, views and food: The Hyatt Resort Key West is simply unmatched. So, kindly consider the above elements in more detail to ensure you make the right decision for your next stay in this Caribbean paradise.

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