Key West: From a Vacation to a Staycation!

Key West is a unique destination that people simply cannot get enough of. Whether you were lucky enough to wrangle enough money together for a once in a lifetime trip, or you are a frequent visitor, the island possesses an exquisite laid-back, majestic atmosphere that is in one word: enchanting. So, why is it that so many people feel the urgency to find a way to stay on the island when it is time to leave? Well, let’s break down exactly what makes these potential future residents fall in love with the island from the moment they step foot on it.

Could it be The Atmosphere?

The island of Key West is notorious for it’s culture-rich, laid back atmosphere where people from all walks of life are welcomed and accepted. This element is something that visitors initially find shocking, then quickly adapt to during their stay. The non-discriminant attitude of the locals is something that is very appealing, contrasting sharply from the seeming common judgmental attitude of modern society. Once they get introduced to this unique aspect of Key West, frankly, it is difficult to leave.

Perhaps it is the Entertainment?

Key West is an entertainment hub chock full of festivals, daily street-side performances, bars with energetic atmospheres, a vibrant night-life and a barrage of wonderful historic sights. As a visitor, you will simply not have enough time to experience the abundance of activities and entertainment the island has to offer. This aspect is one of the most popular elements that causes those visitors on vacation to turn their next trip into a “stay-cation”.

Is a Diverse Allocation of Dining Choices Enough?

Ah, the food – The island boasts a wide array of different dining choices that range from casual beach-side cafes to elegant seafood restaurants that feature fresh-caught seafood daily. Whether you have a picky palette or an accepting palette that enjoys exotic flavors from a variety of cultures, rest assured there are plenty of delectable dining options available that will take months to sift through. Additionally, you never have to go far to catch your own fish for a fresh same-day lunch, or dinner for the next night.

Key West: From a Vacation to a Staycation!

What it comes down to is that Key West is that luxurious tropical island that we all dream about being dropped on at one time or another. Whether you yearn to enjoy the soothing sounds of the beach as you frequent it daily, the immaculate weather conditions or the rich historical significance of the region, the island has more than enough to entice even the most stubborn of visitors.  Click here to book your next vacation in Key West!

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