Let Your Hair Down In Miami

Casual Miami

Whether you find yourself in the perpetual grind of a 9 – 5 job or boggled down by the stresses associated with modern life, finding an escape is an important element in maintaining your sanity. While hitting the gym to work out those frustrations or pampering yourself with a massage are popular methods to unwind, nothing beats simply getting away for a while.

In your pursuit of the perfect getaway, Miami should not be overlooked. From the many natural and historic sites to the carefree attitude of the locals, Miami is the perfect place to let your hair down and kick back, allowing the constricting worries you brought with you to slowly melt away like a tropical sunset.

Leave That Preconditioned Fear Of Judgement On The Plane

One of the most appealing aspects of Miami is the laid back, come-as-you-are attitude of locals. From the moment you step foot on Duval Street, you will see people from all walks of life dressed in anything from casual clothing to a swimsuit and flip-flops. The vibe is simple: dress how you feel, and be comfortable doing it.

Dress Code: Optional

So, you just spent a long, fun, sun-bleached day at the beach and find yourself desperately famished as you walk up the sand to your moped. Well, you are in Miami, after all, why not stop at that diner up the beach and grab a bite before the ride home? Or perhaps you could follow the trail of sand through the hotel lobby to your room and throw on a new shirt before venturing to the glamorous on-site restaurant. Whatever the case, you will not be burdened by the diffident stares of gawkers as you order your entree in salt-crusted clothing.

Is That Local Bar Off-Limits To Tourists?

Ever travel abroad and find yourself uncomfortably faced with a dissident decision of whether entering a local establishment may be harmful to your health? Well, in Miami you will never run into this issue. As local bars, even if frequented by native residents, thrive on the business of tourists. Visitors can expect a welcoming greeting that would make even the most indifferent patrons feel at home.

Who Needs A Car? Commute Around Paradise In Style

Spending time sitting in traffic is almost worse than spending hours a day working a job you find…unrewarding. As such, you may find one of the elements you wish to escape most is the confines of the interior of an automobile. Fear not! Miami has a barrage of activities well within close proximity that makes commuting in different, more unique ways efficient and easy.


In most cases, walking suffices perfectly for people exploring the island. Whether you are venturing down Duval Street, hitting the local bar scene, fine dining establishments or gift shops, nothing beats breathing in that beautiful Miami air to the sound of your flip-flops clapping with each relaxing step.


Another favorite method of travel on the island is via moped. There are plenty of rental establishments, including some hotels and resorts that will supply them. They make getting from point A to Point B not only quick but fun.


Bikes, much like mopeds, are a widely available and effective way to travel between the restaurants and shops that are within close proximity to each other.

Miami is notably a perfect place to escape the confines of a typical modern lifestyle. From the accepting attitude of the locals to the luxurious pampering supplied by the resorts, it has never been easier to let your hair down in Miami.

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