Only in Key West

We all know Key West for its beautiful location, perfect weather, and extravagant night-life. However, it’s the welcoming culture of the island that makes it unique and popular among return visitors. No other place in the world has a more friendly, accepting environment than you will find in Key West. Simply put, the island has been making visitors feel comfortable and at home for decades, adding to its legacy as a prime vacation destination.

So, how is it that Key West holds such a reputation while other places with similar amenities do not? The answer is simple, those other places lack the colorful local population that is prevalent on the island. Whether you are walking into a local bar for the first time or you are asking a stranger for directions, you will receive the same warm, non-discriminant demeanor that the island is famous for.

Where Does Such Openness Come From?

Aside from a rich history and generally laid back environment, the openness, and acceptance of Key West come from the diverse array of cultures that is prevalent on the island. Natives have ancestry that stretches from the surrounding Caribbean islands to both North and South America. As such, it has become a vast melting pot where different cultures and traditions are not only accepted, but celebrated.

One-Human Family

In early 2000, a local Key West artist began to print “One Human Family” stickers and subsequently hand them out. The “One Human Family” saying quickly caught on and was unanimously embraced as the official principle to live by in the city. Since that first year of the new millennium, more than one million stickers have been sent out worldwide as part of a campaign to promote unity, dignity, and respect for everyone.

It’s Contagious

Whether you are visiting from a large, busy city where strangers rarely make eye contact or a small town where everyone knows each other, the city of Key West will make you feel at home from the moment you arrive. This has become one of the most appealing aspects of the island, drawing people bound by the stresses of everyday life to let their hair down and kickback. In fact, many visitors who come to Key West quickly adopt the “One Human Family” philosophy and find themselves sharing in the general love of life and friendliness of the local population before leaving.

Let’s face it, Key West has plenty worth mentioning. But beautiful sunsets and a diverse array of dining choices are just part of what makes this island such an appealing vacation destination. The true magic lies in the broad acceptance of people from all walks of life that makes visiting a unique, relaxing experience which truly melts the stresses of modern life away – And such an engaging element is found only in Key West.

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