Vacationing In Key West During High Season

When most people think of visiting Key West, they think of the brilliant white sandy beaches, an immaculate tropical-themed resort suite and watching sunsets with a frosty cocktail in hand. However, Key West is not just a prime Summertime destination, but a wonderful place to visit year-round. One particular time of the year that nets a hefty response of uncontrollable enthusiasm is high season. As you consider planning your trip during this thriving season in Key West, here are some elements you can expect to encounter which keep the island a top contender during the months when those beautiful beaches may be a tad too chilly.

What Is The Weather Like During High Season?

Whether you venture from the deserts of the Southwest or the snow-capped Northeast, the weather in Key West during high season will no doubt be just what you need to break free from those Winter-time blues. As a high season visitor of the island, you can expect daytime highs of 70 – 80 degrees, with night-time lows rarely breaking 60. So by all means, pack those shorts and flip-flops and take in a steady helping of sunshine as you escape those dreary late-winter conditions back home.

What Are The Crowds Like?

Many people consider high season one of the most prime times in which to visit the island of Key West. From the beautiful weather to the festive sights and sounds that are prevalent all around, late Winter to early Spring is the perfect time to enjoy what this island paradise has to offer. As such, you can expect a busy scene with crowds of tourists and locals alike out to take in the pleasant, dry temperatures.

What Are Hotel Rates Like During High Season?

High season has become a popular time of the year to visit Key West. Due to this fact, hotel and resort rates tend to be slightly higher during this period that stretches from February on through to April.

So, If The Ocean is Off Limits – What Else Does The Island Have to Offer “Landlubbers“?

The island of Key West is a historically significant destination that provides plenty of appealing landmarks and unique activities that perfectly complement the breathtaking natural scenery. As you stroll around the island during high season, you will find a vast array of interesting experiences that are exclusive to the island.

  • Ernest Hemingway’s House – A remarkable testament to an American legend; Ernest Hemingway’s house is both the home he lived in for ten years, producing some of his most famous works, as well as a museum that is considered National Historic and Literary Landmark. Explore the very place that some of the most important works in American literature were produced first-hand.
  • Lighthouse And Keeper’s Quarters Museum – A truly magnificent sight, the Key West lighthouse is a historic marvel that makes for a wonderful afternoon of taking in the rich history of the island (not to mention a wonderful photo opportunity once you get to the top).
  • Butterfly And Nature Conservatory – Experience a tour filled with 100s of exotic butterfly and bird species that will boggle your imagination. A popular attraction on the island, the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory has enough beautiful sights and peaceful sounds to keep your senses satisfied for days. You may even consider stopping by the gift shop to pick up your own preserved butterfly encased in a plastic frame to showcase at home.

So, now that you know Vacationing In Key West During High Season is just as exciting and event-filled as any other time of the year, what are you waiting for?

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