Coconut Grove Bahamian Cemetery

This cemetery in Coconut Grove’s Bahamian District is an important historic site and one of the cemeterys that inspired Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video.

The Coconut Grove Cemetery was first used as a graveyard in the early 1900’s when Miami’s Bahamian immigrants moved their cemetery from another location. The cemetery was created by the Coconut Grove Colored Cemetery Association and today it is managed by the Coconut Grove Cemetery Association.

Some visitors may recognize this cemetery as the place where the graveyard scenes in Michael Jackson’s Thriller video was filmed.

The Coconut Grove Cemetery is located at 3650 Charles Avenue in the Coconut Grove District of Miami, Florida. It adjoins the Charlotte Jane Memorial Cemetery, which was named in honor of the wife of E.W.F. Stirrup. The cemetery is an important historic site in the Coconut Grove Bahamian community.

Photos of Gravestones in the Cemetery
Pictures of gravestones in the Charlotte Jane Memorial Cemetery in Coconut Grove, Florida.