Florida Keys

The Florida Keys have grown to be a well-known place to go for People in America searching for an exotic vacation without departing their very own country. The Florida Keys can be viewed as the American Caribbean featuring the same amenities as other island locations, for example, first-class Florida Keys fishing, diving, and scuba diving, boating, sailing, kayaking, and eco-tours. All of our island locations have improvements. We invite you to definitely visit each area individually and uncover our tropical paradise in your next Florida Keys vacation.

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For the head diving in Key Largo and its magnificent coral reefs, and many in Florida Keys vacation packages offer, including roads for those who wish to engage in diving or fishing, and key regional Marathon is Famous for excellent sport fishing, an experience not to be missed. The Florida Keys has many luxurious and beautiful resorts that are great for comfort and relaxation. For tourists, it is advised to reserve a resort prior to landing in the Florida Keys to avoid disappointment.

Florida keys all inclusive resortsFor some, traveling is a passion, a pastime, and a favorite hobby too. If you believe that you belong to this category, there is a place you ought to visit- the Florida Keys. From the name itself, you can identify their location. They are a chain or cluster of nearly 1,700 tiny islands – known as an archipelago – which extends 107 miles from the mainland. The Atlantic Ocean is on the eastern side, while the Gulf of Mexico lies in the West. Along with them, the Florida Keys form the Florida Bay.

Main Islands of the Keys

Among the islands, Key Largo, Islamorada, Lower Keys, Marathon, and Key West are the most visited and preferred hotspots of tourists. The Keys have formed millions of years ago when the ocean receded, exposing the hard reef, which in turn influenced the rocky formations that later became islands. Due to this, it seems as if the small islands are stepping stones to sunset.

Not only that, the environment of the Keys resembles the Caribbean areas nearby rather than the mainland. They do not experience frost and hence are highly sought after during the period when the rest of the country faces heavy snowfall in winter. The Keys contain coral and limestone reefs and form the southernmost part of the State of Florida.

Florida Keys Beaches

Whether you are a nature lover, history buff, or just want to relax on the sand and soak up the sun, Fort Zachary Taylor offers activities for the whole family. The sand on this beach is rocky, but you can snorkel, bird watch, go for scenic bike rides or hike down nature trails. You can also take advantage of this beach’s unique historic fort and take tours as you learn about the Civil War and Fort Zachary Taylor. Fort Zachary Taylor beach has full bathroom facilities, picnic and BBQ grounds, snorkel, and kayak rentals, and has snacks and beverages available at the Cay Hueso Café.

South Beach

Located at the end of Duval Street and within walking distance of various restaurants, Key West’s South Beach is a local favorite. Although it is small and has no restroom facilities, South Beach remains one of the most visited Florida Keys beaches.

Dog Beach

If you and your dog have made it to Key West, you can’t miss Dog Beach! This beach is a great place to lay back, relax, and watch your dog romp and play on the rocky sand and in the water with his new canine friends. Dog Beach is located at the corner of Vernon and Waddell streets and has no restroom facilities available. Please help keep Dog Beach clean by picking up after your pet!

Higg’s Beach

Located at the end of Reynold’s street, Higg’s Beach is a great place for family fun and is popular among sunbathers. There are playgrounds for the kids, water sports rentals, chair rentals, picnic tables, restrooms and a restaurant available. Admission to the beach is free and it is open daily from 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

Rest Beach

Rest Beach is a popular place to watch the sunset with your family and friends after a day of fun in the water. Here you can relax on the beaches and enjoy the ocean with Key West locals and out-of-towners. Restroom facilities are located just a short walk away and the park is wheelchair accessible.

Smathers Beach

If you love to party, Smathers Beach is the place to go. As one of the largest of the Florida Keys Beaches, it encompasses a 2 mile stretch of sandy beach and is located just south of Roosevelt Boulevard. There is plenty of parking available for Smathers Beach’s crowds, and there are many activities available. Smathers Beach offers picnic tables, a snorkel swim zone, water sports rentals, parasailing, windsurfing, volleyball, bike paths, snack vendors, and restroom facilities.

Bahia Honda Beach

Bahia Honda State Park beach is located 30 miles north of Key West. Swim, snorkel, enjoy walking on one of the many nature trails or just relax on the pristine white sandy beaches. The 524-acre park is unique to the Keys because of its clear sandy Florida Keys beaches and its expanse of deep waters close enough to shore to offer some of the best swimming and snorkeling opportunities in the Florida Keys.

Florida keys all-inclusive resorts

Beaches of the Florida Keys and the great fishing opportunities available here draw a large number of tourists every year. Among the accommodations, there are a number of Florida keys all-inclusive resorts along the beach, which are loved by all tourists.

Florida keys all inclusive resortsThe banks of the Florida Keys are dotted with many Florida keys all-inclusive resorts from rent ranging luxurious five-star resorts relatively less expensive ones. Most of these Florida keys all-inclusive resorts have beautiful private pools, interiors, saunas, and gyms. Some also offer spa services. Resorts are the best places to live when a tourist wants privacy and solitude.

A majority of these resorts are with a small hut or house bungalow, with lots of facilities. They model away from home. Vary depending on location and standard class. It also depends on the type of accommodation, which is reserved. The resort can be a single room, double room, deluxe suites, and penthouses. The highest rates apply during special events like the annual lobster mini-season and Fantasy Fest. Tourists can get good deals in the fall and early December. Tourists are good to remember that local, state and taxes are levied on all types of housing in Florida Key, which locations. Florida keys all-inclusive resorts such as beautiful Caribbean Key West home and Mango Tree Inn offer traditional services that are welcoming, unique, and friendly. There are other luxury resorts in the Florida Keys that will appeal to those who want to fully enjoy their vacations while they are here in the Florida Keys alone, with friends or family.

About the Florida Keys

The main threats to the Keys arise from tropical hurricanes and floods. The most devastating was the Labor Day Hurricane of 1935, with winds ranging up to 200 miles per hour. Unfortunately, almost all the islands are low-lying areas barely 20 feet above sea level. Not only that, they are surrounded by water on all sides and the danger of floods always looms in the air.

Nevertheless, there are a regular number of visitors and permanent citizens who are undeterred by any natural disaster. And quite rightly, too. The Keys are blessed with good sunshine throughout the year. Adding to this gift, there is no dearth of natural as well as man-made wonders.

To list some of the prominent attractions in the Keys, fishing, diving, snorkeling, canoeing, and other water sports are popular. Many noted personalities ranging from writers to statesmen have enjoyed the blissful life of the Keys and left behind their mark too.

Getting to the Keys

The Florida Keys can be reached in many ways. The nearest airport is Miami. Originally, ship-wrecking was the only known occupation of the inhabitants. Due to the surge of tourists, the original tribal population was gradually wiped out. Later, other industries like commercial fishing and tourism reached new heights.

Due to the mixed population, customs and food habits are also mixed and are more of a tropical blend.

The Keys have a long and rich history. Hailed as America’s Caribbean, the Florida Keys are a rare gift of nature. They are a perfect haven for vacations. You will automatically leave all your worries in the mainland once you land in the Keys because they have great power of luring people with vast natural as well as man-made treasures.

Florida Keys Vacations

Nature is the best healer, so when you are tired or drained from running the mad race or chasing the American dream, the best idea is to choose a peaceful place for vacations.

The Florida Keys is arguably one of the best vacation locations ever known. The best thing about the Keys is that there is something in them for everyone. If you are crazy about fishing, there are abundant fishing spots. Deep-sea fishing can be an unforgettable experience. If you are still more adventurous, there are diving and canoeing experiences waiting.

For comparatively sedate people, there are numerous beaches and parks. You can select one according to your needs. No wonder this is an ideal setting for weddings, receptions, honeymoons, and casual partying too.

There are beautiful resorts facing the sea to add more beauty and thrill to your trip. You can choose either a furnished modern accommodation or ancient palatial homes, which have been turned into small inns and guesthouses.

Like any other vacation place, the Florida Keys are blessed with good sunshine and natural wealth. There are parks like Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park, which offer opportunities for recreation. The very location of the Florida Keys attracts tourists. People of all ages can come to the Florida Keys and enjoy their stay during vacations. For kids, there are exclusive games and entertainment spots.

For those who do not want to get into the water, there are glass-bottom boat tours, which will take you to the underwater world. A whole new world will be unearthed.

There are also museums containing the works of luminaries from all fields—Ernest Hemingway, Audubon, Robert Frost, Truman Capote and more. You can always go on a shopping spree and buy a range of products like home decorating items, shells, island wear, etc.

During vacations, you can plan a trip to the Florida Keys, book accommodation, pack your bags, get set to explore and experience the hidden treasures and marvel at nature’s unbound beauty. Once you reach here, you forget that a world exists outside. This compelling effect lures some to reside here permanently.

Befitting to their name, the Florida Keys open the locks of the unexplored world and throw open a landscape filled with mystery, beauty, adventure, and entertainment, which in turn infuse a fresh sense of relaxation and well-being in you.