North Miami

North Miami is quickly rocketing to the top of the list for successful areas inside of Miami-Dade County. Right now, this 10 mile stretch of Miami is ranked number 4 among all other surrounding cities.

This part of Miami has around 20,000 residents as of the last census and is listed as being the number 2 most densely populated region with Haitians anywhere in the U.S. That explains why the majority of the population in this area is listed as being black not African American.

north miamiThe majority of “black” people in North Miami are actually from Haitian or Caribbean descent. The other portion of residents of course includes Caucasian, Latin American, a few Asians, and even some Native American families. The population of Northern Miami isn’t the only reason for its sudden rankings increase either. This place has a lot to offer the locals

as well as the tourist industry. Biscayne Landing is a perfect example. This ongoing project is a beautiful new edition to the Miami residential community. The once Superfund site (a site that once held toxic waste or is at risk of being contaminated by toxic waste) is the largest reclamation project of its kind to date in the Florida area. Boca Developers and Miami-Dade County struck up an agreement for this new residential community project a few years back.

In exchange for a 200 year lease on almost 2,000 acres of cleaned up land, the developers agreed to contribute over $30 million dollars to other County projects. The agreement also stipulated that for every new high-end home that was built in Biscayne Landing, another low cost housing structure would have to be built on the less desirable parts of the Superfund site.

The entire nation applauds North Miami for this ongoing attempt to reclaim this old landfill site. Over the years the work will be difficult maintaining this land because nobody at this point is aware of just what types of toxins or trace toxins could still be left in the dirt below. In any case, it is a valiant effort by the Miami-Dade County officials to take on a project of this magnitude.

Another great place not far from Biscayne Landing is the Oleta River State Park. This is the largest urban park listed in the Florida State Park System.

The park frequently host major extreme games sports competitions and has always been a popular spot of the locals who are hesitant to head out to the busier beaches in Southern Miami.

This is a little hidden secret of North Miami that the locals have decided to advertise to the growing out of town visitors received annually. This will allow a nice family get away from the rock-star style of South Beach.

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