Bayside Miami

The most beautiful 35 mile stretch of bayside beach that can be found anywhere in the States is right here in Miami. The Biscayne Bay provides Miami with not only great views, but with a wide variety of financial opportunities. The seafood and fishing industry in Miami thrives in this area. There is a large amount of Biscayne Bay that is protected under Florida law, but there is a fishing season provided here. Snapper and grouper are two of the most popular fish taken out of the bay area.

miami bayside parking lot The snapper is one of the most frequently caught species inside of the bay area. This fish is known to grow to enormous size when fished out of the deeper waters of the bay.

There are a lot of different kinds of snapper swimming around in the 250-350 feet range so your not exactly sure what your pulling out of the water most of the time. The grouper is another one of the popular gaming fish. Biscayne Bay has seen a few 90 lbs plus Warsaw grouper pulled out of the waters under the right conditions.

The fishing scene in Miami is one of the main reasons the bayside sees so many million people per year.

Don’t forget about lobstering though. There are normally 2 days out of the year that you can legally harvest lobsters out of the Biscayne Bay. There are a lot of rules and regulations regarding this sport, but it is definitely something you need to try.

The mandatory “take” size of a lobster is a 3” carapace (that’s the hard shell area right after the head but before the tail). You can only harvest lobsters here by natural methods like handheld nets or the preferred method of hands only.

In the case of catching a female lobster, special attention must be taken to see if she is carrying any eggs at the time of the catch. Small berry like balls will be attached under her tail for easy identification. If your lobster is with eggs, it is mandatory to throw her back unharmed.

Another strict rule is regarding the protected lobster area of the Biscayne Bay Card Sound Lobster Sanctuary.

Lobstering in this area is strictly prohibited and carries some pretty hefty fines if you get caught. No matter what type of fishing you have come to Miami to do, remember one important thing; Miami does not tolerate any violation of its fishing laws and you will be charged the maximum fine for any wrong doing.

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