Key Largo Visitors Guide

Key Largo Vacation Guide

Key Largo offers a few of the finest diving and scuba diving within the Florida Keys. Among the primary points of interest in Key Largo may be the John Pennekamp State Park. You will find many Key Largo dive firms that run led outings towards the park and also to area sunken wrecks just off Key Largo.

It is somewhat surprising that the Florida Keys are an ideal place for holidays. The fine weather, beautiful places on the ocean and beautiful beaches, and the opportunity to take a boat to the sea or to join a sailing or fishing tour guides, it is a popular destination for many people each year. Although, many people choose to ride in an RV and take a step in one of the many parks available for these vehicles. A lot of people have enjoyed the advantage of diversity in the Florida Keys All Inclusive Resorts with their fabulous packages which let you have fun with most of your activities within your budget.

Key Largo is the first island of the Florida Keys, south of the Florida mainland. You can reach Key Largo by driving for about 1 1/2 hours from Miami Airport. If you look at the mile markers placed on the overseas highway – US1 – Key Largo will be marked from “m.m. 90-106”.

Key Largo Fishing

Key Largo is one of the most popular fishing spots in the Florida Keys region. Known as the diving capital of Florida, Key Largo is also the very first key in the Florida Key region! Boasting an expansive and breathtaking marine reserve, that offers spectacular traveling and sightseeing for the tourist! In addition, you can catch some of the best fishing action here!

The Key largo diving hub

The largest chain amongst the Florida Keys region, Key Largo is home to some of the best diving action here as well. Unlike mainland Florida, which has plenty of soft sandy beaches, the Florida Keys area is characterized by living reefs. In fact, this is the only living reef expanse in the entire stretch of Continental USA. The Upper Keys area comprises uninhabited and protected land and this is an area where the American crocodile breeds. This is an endangered species and hence the Upper Keys area is closed for public viewing. The Crocodile Lake National Wildlife Refuge is situated in this area and this is also where the American Crocodile lives.

The best diving spots here are the John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park Camp and it is the very first underwater park of its kind in the US. Diving is serious business here in Key Largo as divers receive everything from scuba equipment, extensive diving packages, lessons as well as fantastic accommodations.

Abundance of nature

One of the fascinating aspects of Key Largo is the abundance of natural beauty. The presence of the largest living reef, fantastic temperate weather, and tropical waters makes this part of the Florida Keys a haven for all artists, writers and nature lovers. There are numerous travel packages organized to help people experience fantastic weekend getaways to Key Largo.

Best Florida Keys fishing guides

The fishing guides organized here in Key Largo are simply the best! The warm waters of Key Largo are teeming with a vast array of fish species. Therefore, it is only natural that scores of fishing charters are organized by numerous companies here. You can take your pick from offshore to even backcountry fishing expeditions. Enjoy breathtaking vistas of the surrounding natural beauty and get to see amazing wildlife, birds and even dolphins! There are both half-day and full-day fishing charters organized as well as nightly tours for even more fantastic fishing success. Enjoy your fresh catch as the crew fillet and clean the fish for you. You can also avail of fantastic accommodations nearby. These are provided for an extra fee by the fishing guides. There are numerous fish species you can manage to catch such as redfish, bonefish, tarpon, snook, and many others. While some fish are available throughout the entire year, others are seasonal in nature.

Marine Reserves

Key Largo is also home to the very first marine reserve here in the US. The Everglades National Park is one camp to offer a spectacular array of wildlife and natural beauty. Enjoy the spectacular marine life and amazing natural landscapes in this part of Florida Keys.

About Key Largo

The island derived its name from Spanish; “Largo” means large. It is the longest and largest island of the Florida Keys and referred to as the “Diving Capital of the World.” The John Pennekamp Coral Reef Park is designed underwater. Most of the upper areas of the island are protected regions and uninhabited too.

The corals in this island are known for their beauty. There is an artificial coral reef–Spiegel Grove, which is 510 feet long and also the only living coral reef in the Continental United States.

There are some unique features found in Key Largo. The major attractions are the Everglades National Park, African Queen, Jacobs Aquatic Center, Airboat tours and Under Sea Park.

There is plenty of fishing. You can choose a fishing charter and exhibit your talents as an angler. If you dive or snorkel, you are sure to find huge treasures hidden beneath the sea.

The specialty of the island lies in attitude. Relaxing and enjoyment are part of the people’s lifestyle here.

There are sanctuaries that house endangered species of birds and animals. There are regular programs arranged by the historical preservation society to create awareness about protecting the delicate ecosystem.

You can go fishing and swim on the Harry Harris beach. Or you can opt for glass-bottom boat tours and explore the underwater marvels like the Christ statue at John Pennekamp Park. You can have Scuba-diving lessons or view the African Queen- the ship cast in a Hollywood movie starring Bogart and Hepburn.

The Everglades is an ecosystem spread over 1.5 million acres. There are more than 300 species of fauna found here – all existing in a delicate balance with each other.

There is also a casino cruise and a motor tour facility.

All these contribute to a peaceful life with no tension whatsoever. There is a definite “change in latitude and change in attitude” too.