Swimming with Dolphins in the Florida Keys

Enter The Magical World of the Dolphins and the Whales

Where you can swim with dolphins in the Florida Keys. It also includes other opportunities for in-water and out-of-water encounters with Florida Keys sea life, including sea lions and stingrays. Our main focus is to create the opportunity for people to receive the Dolphins and the Whales gift and to create the space where they can truly experience a different way to live and where they can learn to love and respect themselves, their environment and all other creatures.

The concept of swimming with dolphins has become very popular in recent years and the feeling that you get when you swim with a dolphin is a profound and moving one.

Swimming Dolphins Plus – Key Largo

Mile Marker 99 (Key Largo)

Start your experience of a lifetime with an interesting and informative presentation on our dolphins. Your personal trainer then takes you for an unforgettable 30-minute swim with playful, friendly dolphins, where you enter their home and frolic with these magnificent gentle mammals. Stroke and pet their smooth skin, get kissed and even get pushed by the dolphins around the cove. The main difference between this package and the Swim Encounter is the opportunity to get a foot push or a dorsal pull. Experience for yourself the unique feeling of awe dolphins inspire by their profound intelligence and beauty.

Offers a structured dolphin swim, a natural dolphin swim, sea lion swims, dolphin therapy swims for special needs or at-risk kids, and a special swim for those battling breast cancer. The structured dolphin swim begins with a 45-minute educational briefing followed by in-water swimming where all interaction is guided by a trainer. The natural dolphins swim begins with a one-hour briefing followed by 30 minutes in the water with the dolphins while wearing snorkeling gear. Dolphin swim prices range from $150 for the natural swim to $280 for a combo package that includes both the structured and natural swim. Dolphins Plus facility is located at 31 Corrine Place on Key Largo. For more information call 305-451-1993.

Theater of Dolphins Swim- Florida Keys

Mile Marker 84.7 (Windley Key)

After an interesting and informative presentation on our dolphins, you’ll have an amazing 30-minute personal encounter while swimming with your new friend.  You’ll not only kiss and stroke the dolphin but also swim, dance and play with it as well as a witness it’s immense intelligence and skill in this exciting dolphin swim-encounter program.

Sealife park offering live shows and opportunities for in-water and out-of-water experiences with dolphins and sea lions. It also offers in-water experiences with stingrays. Last time I checked, prices ranged from $65 for a 10-minute in-water encounter with stingrays to $185 for a 20 to 30-minute in-water encounter with dolphins. Less expensive out-of-water encounters are also available. Located at 84721 Overseas Highway, on Windley Key, in the Village of Islamorada in the Upper Florida Keys. For more information call 305-664-2431.

Dolphin Research Center Experience

Mile Marker 58.9 (Grassy Key)

In this program, children and adults alike will enjoy the company of their new friends. Learn about dolphins in the educational introductory presentation then have an encounter with the dolphins from the security of the shallows. Being extremely sociable, they will enjoy your company, as you will theirs. Caress and touch the dolphins and view them up close. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with these captivating mammals.

It offers opportunities to interact with dolphins and sea lions, including group and private in-water encounters. Last time I checked, prices ranged from $25 + admission fee for a “meet the dolphin” experience to about $200 for a 20 to 25-minute in-water dolphin encounter. More extensive programs such as “researcher for a day” and “trainer for a day” cost between $500 and $600. Located at 58901 Overseas Highway on Grassy Key in the City of Marathon in the Middle Florida Keys. For more information call 305-289-0002.

Protect the Florida Keys Dolphins

We try to do what is best for the wild dolphins and to help preserve them and their natural environment. You can help us with this when scheduling your trip. We will run a trip with as few as 2 people, however, if 2 people want to go on Wednesday and 2 on Thursday we can decrease our impact 100% by combining those trips. With one 4 person trip instead of two 2 person trips we burn half the fossil fuel and the dolphins are impacted by one fewer boat. So when you can, we appreciate your cooperation in allowing us to combine trips. We sometimes can take this premise even further by working with our friends who are in the same business and run similar trips. For example, if I have 2 people booked and no other date to switch to that will work, and another boat has the same situation, we will take turns booking our people on the other boat.

Watching wild dolphins from the boat that came close to check us out.

Afternoon trips are, by far, more popular than morning trips. This could be because the nightlife in Key West is always hopping and not many people want to get up early. Plus we wind up getting quite a few folks who take a chance and wait till the very last minute to try to book a trip (horrors!). Many times this does not work for them and they lose out. But many other times we still have space available and they get to go. So far, it has never worked out for anyone calling early enough in the morning to make the morning trip on the same day unless there was already a trip started by someone else who booked that day ahead of time and there happened to be still room. Thus, unless you are booking a private charter or have at least 4 people in your party, we start booking per person trips in the afternoon first. If the afternoon trip fills up, then we will start a per person trip in the morning of that day.

I’m frequently asked, “How far in advance do I need to book?” Now, where did I leave my crystal ball?!

Watching wild dolphins from the boat that came close to check us out. If your schedule is very tight & you will arrive in town with very few options it’s probably a good idea to book as soon as your plans are firm. If you will be here several days & there will be several times that will work with your other plans, you are fairly safe waiting until closer to the time. Keep in mind, however, that we can only take 6 people per trip (12 each day) so if you are here at a busy time you could lose out by not booking in advance. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for me to be any more specific than that. Also, the further in advance that you book, the more time we have to work on combining trips to lessen the impact on the beautiful wild dolphins.

You might note that in the reservations form, in addition to the date you want I ask for any alternate dates you might have. This helps to combine trips but is also useful to help pick the better weather days. Let’s say that you are here for a week. It would be better to schedule a day on the first part of that time window as opposed to the latter part. That way, if the weather was not very good on the first part of your vacation at least there is the possibility of putting it off to later in the week should the weather report look better for then. Obviously, you cannot do it the other way around.

Dolphin Tour Providers in Key West

Key West, FL 33040
Experience the magical world of the Dolphins as you journey through the local waters of Key West, Florida aboard “Wild Fin” guided by Captain Sheri Sullenger.

305-296-3739 (866) 296-3737
PO Box 5766 Key West, FL 33040
A Wild Dolphin watching ecology Adventure tour in Key West’s beautiful shallow and mostly calm water backcountry & Gulf of Mexico. Experience Key West’s resident pod of beautiful wild and free Atlantic Bottle-nosed Dolphins in their natural habitat on your trip aboard the CORAL REEFER, a fast twin-engine 28′ custom-built boat guided by Capt. Dave Lewis. Snorkel and swim in the waters where the dolphins live and play. Snorkel coral reefs and see many kinds of tropical fish, turtles, lobsters, crabs, sponges, gorgonians, rays and so much, much more! Per person rate or private charters. Includes a full lunch buffet and drinks. A relaxing getaway with a private atmosphere.

Key West, FL 33040
Customized, Guided Nature Tours into the BACKCOUNTRY WILDERNESS with Captain Gordon Smith. Gordon, a 5th generation Conch (native) of Bahamian descent, has spent a lifetime on the waters of the Florida Keys. Let him share his love and experience of the mystical Back Country with you, for memories that will last a lifetime.

3255 Duck Avenue, Suite 6 Key West, FL 33040
Our private charter allows you to design your own tropical adventure! Visit the dolphin playground, snorkeling, eco-tours, light tackle fishing, relaxing getaways -all on calm water! – Focus on your favorite activity, or try a little of everything – special requests welcome!

201 William Street Key West, FL 33040
DolphinWatch, the original Key West Dolphin Boat. A day or more on DolphinWatch will provide a lifetime of memories…Experience the Freedom and Beauty of Dolphins whose only boundary is where the ocean meets the shore. Captain Ron Canning will share with you his many years of dolphin experiences. This is our 13th year!

DREAM CATCHER CHARTERS Wild Dolphin Interaction
(305) 745-2114 (888) 362-3474
* Fax: (305) 744-0159
Serving Key West Florida at Ocean Side Marina Key West, FL 33042
Wild Dolphin Adventures, Eco – Safari tours, affordable per person rates or money-saving private charters. Nicest, most comfortable boats in Key West. Experience the Magic of the wild dolphin and friends with up-close interaction. We supply everything including a light fruit lunch buffet. Professional crew and Top notch gear. Custom Charters also available.

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