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World-famous Miami is the symbol of south Florida’s glamour. Miami paints an image of palm trees, packed sandy beaches along turquoise waters full of powers boats, sailing boats, cruise ships, and jet skis making visible splashes. The hot sun shines on Miami’s hot beach bodies and blends in well with the white towering skyscrapers of luxurious apartments, condominiums and office buildings located along the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.  As the sun sets, Miami turns into one of the hottest nightlife spots on the planet. The bars, cafes, night clubs, lounges, and restaurants light up the streets and add more heat to the already hot night-time atmosphere. But, there is so much more to Miami than its glamorous beach-oriented lifestyle. The international flavor of Miami makes it a global city with significance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, and international trade.
Land, water, marina, skyscraper, park, beach…a range of venues for events huge and small, all of which draw people from across the globe to Miami and that residents of this city attend that showcase their passion or their profession. Some events produce major visitor traffic and feats of logistical coordination to the stage, others are off the radar and require a search to find out about, but are very much on the calendar of fans and participants. And the diversity of each continues to expand with each new season and year. Information about all types of air, land, and water activities in and around the city of Miami Florida. Activities are organized both alphabetically and by type of activity.

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Miami Disco and Parties – Nightlife Scene

Along with some of the hottest beaches around, Miami is home to a vibrant nightlife and music scene. You are guaranteed to find a cool place to spend the night in sections all over the city. Downtown Miami and Miami Beach host the hottest nightlife spots in the city with a variety of venues that cater to every lifestyle. As night falls, the streets of Miami are packed with people flocking to bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants, dance clubs, strip clubs, lounges, gay clubs, and more.

During The Disco Era of the 1970s, the Miami disco scene came to life with TK Records, featuring the music of KC and the Sunshine Band, with such classic hits as “Get Down Tonight”, “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” and “That’s The Way (I Like It)”; and the Latin-American disco group, Foxy (band), with their hit singles “Get Off” and “Hot Number”. Miami-area natives George McCrae and Teri DeSario were also popular music artists during the 1970s disco era. Miami-influenced, Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, hit the mainstream pop music scene with their Cuban-oriented sound and had huge hits in the 1980s with “Conga” and “Bad Boys”. The Miami Disco scene continues today with scores of sizzling dance clubs.

Miami is also considered a “hot spot” for dance music, Freestyle, a style of dance music popular in the ’80s and ’90s heavily influenced by Electro, hip-hop, and disco. Many popular Freestyle acts such as Pretty Tony, Debbie Deb, Stevie B, and ExposГ©, originated in Miami. Indie/folk acts Cat Power and Iron & Wine are based in the city, while alternative hip hop artist Sage Francis, electro artist Uffie, and the electroclash duo Avenue D were born in Miami, but musically based elsewhere. Also, punk band Against All Authority is from Miami, and rock/metal bands Nonpoint and Marilyn Manson each formed in nearby Fort Lauderdale. Popular Cuban American female recording artist, Ana Cristina, was born in Miami in 1985 and became the first Hispanic person in history to perform the “Star-Spangled Banner” at a presidential inauguration.

Downtown Miami

Downtown Miami has a bustling nightlife right in the heart of the city, with over 70 venues. With over a dozen strip clubs, dozens of bars, and multiple dance clubs, downtown Miami offers a convenient nightlife among the city’s busy streets.

South Beach

The hottest nightlife scene is located in South Beach (SoBe), a famous neighborhood at the southern tip of Miami Beach, an Island city in the Biscayne Bay. Miami Beach connects to mainland Miami via Macarthur Causeway, Julia Tuttle Causeway, Venetian Causeway.

South Beach is a premier location for fashion, shopping, tourism, and nightlife. South Beach hosts at least 1,500 models who work in the Miami fashion scene. The streets and beaches of South Beach are packed with international crowds. There are scores of luxurious hotels, restaurants, and shops that are some of the best in the Miami area. All of the action is located along South Beach streets of Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, EspaГ±ola Way, Alton Road, and Washington Avenue.

South Beach has the liveliest nightlife scene in Miami. South Beach of Miami Beach is what the Miami disco is all about. South Beach boasts more than 150-night life venues, where the party goes on all night long until 5 or 6 in the morning. As you walk along the crowded palm-tree lined streets of South Beach, you will feel the incredible atmosphere with music echos beating from every corner of the street as people walk in and out the doors of the hottest clubs. Whatever your preference of music, whether Latino, hip hop, techno/electronic, you’ll find the right place where you can dance and spend the night away. The nightlife scene at South Beach can be expensive, access to nightclubs is exclusive and often difficult for non-locals who do not have connections, or do not plan their evenings. Access to more popular nightspots can cost $20-60 depending on event and venue and sometimes comes with a wait of several hours, in addition to evaluation by door staff. So you better be well prepared to enter Miami’s hottest nightlife scene.