Where To Find Celebrities On South Beach, Miami, Florida

Located in the southern most tip of Miami, the South Beach has an identity of its own. On of the hottest nightspot in the world, it is a mecca of adult entertainment. Stretching for less than two square miles the beach is ranked amongst the top ten beaches in the world. The fine white sand, the surf, and the waters are something that the people come to this beach. Be sure to bump into topless and other nearly nude sunbathers here. Besides the pulsating nightlife and the entertainment the beach homes the beach homes varieties of restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, bars, clubs, hotels, and lots more.

Celebrity Sightings in South Beach

There are growing numbers of celebrities on South Beach. Learn where to go and you may find yourself sitting next to one at a restaurant or club.

South Beach is literally filled with celebrities. There are so many that you are more likely to see one than not – if you are in the places where they tend to frequent. Miami Beach is a full-time home to a growing number of celebrities and a part-time home to others. Still, others visit frequently or occasionally for vacations, parties, or business.

Where Celebrities Hang Out on South Beach, Jamie Foxx

I have seen Jamie Foxx many times on Ocean Drive. He used to frequent Wet Willies, right next door to The News Cafe (btw, he is an extremely nice person-friendly as can be, with no attitude at all). Shaq O’Neill was everywhere on South Beach over the years. One night, on Washington Ave. and about 12th St. I saw him towering over a short valet car attendant as he waited for his small sports car.

Within seconds there were dozens and dozens of people running out of restaurants and stores. They wanted to see him or to grab his photo. He was quite obliging. A short time ago I was walking down Washington Ave. and about 10th St. and I saw a huge, freaky kind of figure, oddly stomping toward me. He seemed to be grunting every step. It was Hulk Hogan. A strange and funny moment. Celebrities walk down the street and shop on Washington Ave., Collins Ave, and Ocean Drive. Look around, keep your eyes open.

Jennifer Lopez Shopping for Bikinis

I saw Jennifer Lopez shopping in a bathing suit store on Collins Ave and 11th St. She was just walking around and popped in. Within seconds there was a huge crowd, and the store chose to close its doors so that Ms. Lopez could shop with privacy. Meanwhile, the growing crowd stood against the window taking photos and gawking the entire time. It was a little like watching an animal in the zoo.

Athletes Frequent South Beach

Many athletes have taken residence on Miami Beach, while others visit frequently. Whenever a team comes to town to play football, baseball, or basketball they are certain to come to South Beach and dine, drink, dance, play, go to the beach, and do what you might do. When the Super Bowl comes to town, untold numbers of athletes from all sports and from every team arrive.

I’ve seen Dan Marino, Jim Kelley, Steve Young, Jim Brown, and more athletes than I can remember. Athletes love to hang out at The Clevelander, one of the best pool bars and happy hours around, on the corner of Ocean Drive and 10th Street. There’s always a sports vibe and athletes at Finnegans Way, on Ocean Drive and 14th St. I saw Mike Tyson at The Tides Hotel, holding court with his entourage. It’s a few doors down from Finnegans.

Kardashians on Lincoln Road

I have been told by so many people that the Kardashians are frequently on Lincoln Road – but who isn’t? Virtually everyone plays and eats and shops on Lincoln Road. At any time of day or night, you are likely to see celebrities there. It is rich with everyone of note.

Lincoln Road is a gorgeous place in which to spend time. There are frequent photo and movie shoots there, and throughout South Beach. Your best bet is to have a great time in South Beach, and just keep your eyes open. Celebrities love to party and play, and once again, you are more likely to see a celebrity than not – just by hanging out.

Celebrities that Live in South Beach Miami

  1. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
  2. Shakira
  3. Phil Collins
  4. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova
  5. Oprah
  6. Shaquille O’Neal
  7. Ricky Martin
  8. Matt Damon
  9. Gianni Versace
  10. Gloria Estefan

Best Places to See a Celebrity in Miami

  1. Bal Harbour Shops
  2. Prime 112
  3. The Miami Open
  4. On the beach
  5. Ocean Drive parties
  6. LIV
  7. South Beach Wine & Food Festival
  8. Mac’s Club Deuce
  9. Art Basel Miami Beach
  10. In the gym

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