Best Places to Swim with the Dolphins in the Florida Keys

Traveling to the Florida Keys? These hot spots have the best area for swimming with the dolphins.

The Florida Keys are a string of islands on the southern tip of the peninsula. The Keys are the most laid-back, relaxing area to vacation in the state of Florida. The Keys aren’t host to only beautiful beaches. The area also hosts several activities such as swimming with dolphins. Kids and adults can enjoy the activity, and it is a safe environment for the dolphins and the family. Most of these facilities require a reservation and a credit card in advance.

Key Largo – Dolphins Plus and Dolphins Cove

Key Largo is the most northern Key. Key Largo is only a couple of hours from Ft. Lauderdale and Miami. This makes Key Largo a favorite of the locals, so it is quieter and less crowded than some of the other Key islands.

Dolphins Plus and Dolphins Cove are both located in Key Largo. Dolphins Cove has a private lagoon where young children can enjoy swimming with the dolphins. The company provides snorkels, fins, and goggles for the experience. Dolphins Plus provides the option to swim with the dolphins or sea lions. Both of these companies offer open ocean trips, but no contact with the dolphins is permissible.

Islamorada – Theater of the Sea

Key Largo is the next Key in the chain of the Florida Keys. Islamorada is the fishing capital in the area. Deep-sea fishing is common in this area, so it is a popular place for the locals to spend a weekend fishing. Theater of the Sea provides swimming with dolphins, sea lions, and stingrays. You can swim with the dolphins and even snorkel below the surface to interact with them.

Marathon Key – Dolphin Research Center

If the family is looking for a place for ocean activities, Marathon Key is filled with coral reefs and great diving experiences. The waters in Marathon Key are spectacularly crystal blue. This Florida Key is great for underwater adventures like snorkeling, SCUBA, or deep-sea fishing. Dolphin Research Center provides visitors with a place to learn more about the dolphins and experience a swim. Visit the lab and research area, and swim with the dolphins as part of your Florida vacation.

Key West

Key West is the farthest Key available to tourists. After driving over the seven-mile bridge, this Key is a place for adults to party and sunburn. This is the hottest area for Florida tourists who want to sip Mai Tai drinks and layout in the sandy beaches. Key West is best for open swimming with the dolphins with a private, open-ocean excursion. This Key does not host private areas where researchers can offer swimming with the dolphins. Stop by the other Keys first to swim, and settle in Key West for the sandy beaches and resorts.

The Florida Keys is a great place for tourists and locals to spend a relaxing weekend. Most locals pick a Key and spend the weekend at one location, but visiting each Key is a great experience for those people who have never seen the Keys. Swimming with the dolphins provides an activity that the whole family can enjoy.

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