Miami Marinas

The great thing about Miami is that you can reach it any one of three ways; land, sea, or water. Now a day, the most popular way seems to be by sea. The Royal Caribbean cruise ships are stopping through Miami on a regular basis bringing hoards of travelers from around the world. The Port of Miami is a main stopover for most of the major cruise lines as they continue their heading east to the different countries of Latin America.

miami marinas

The ports aren’t’ the only popular boating areas in the city either. Many people are renting or leasing areas along the bay to tie up their yachts or small boats after arriving into Miami. There are many marinas available along the seashore with full security provided.

Dinner Key Marina

The most popular of these marinas would definitely be the Dinner Key Marina. This marina has almost 600 docking areas for boats ranging up to 175 feet in length. If you call ahead and reserve a spot, they will also have cable and telephone lines ready for you. This is Florida’s largest marina so space is often limited due to the popularity of the site.


If you’re planning to cruise into Miami anytime in the near future it’s better to make your reservations now. There are also facilities located around the Bayside Marketplace as well. Miamarina would be a little more convenient for you if you’re staying in the Downtown Miami area, but it doesn’t have the capabilities of handling a large amount of boats. The docking area has very limited space, but it can accommodate some of the bigger yachts (up to 250 feet) that other places just can’t handle.

Marine Stadium Marina

Marine Stadium Marina is another marina you can consider if you plan on sailing into Miami. The marina can hold around 300 vessels comfortably and offers the same amenities that Dinner Key Marina does.

The only problem with this marina is its size limitations. If your boat is bigger then 45 feet or heavier then 18,000 pounds, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere for a place to dock. The marina was created mainly to hold the overwhelming local supply of yachts.

Most of the yachts you will see here actually have sailors that live on them year round. Make sure you calculate your boat’s dimensions before coming because their restrictions are strictly enforced.

There are many different small marinas scattered around the waters near Miami as well. If you can’t find one close to the main areas just head up north a little ways and I’m sure you can find somewhere to accommodate you.

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