Port of Miami in Biscayne Bay

The Port of Miami is a large seaport located in the Biscayne Bay region of Miami. Its waterways have been in use by most of the major cruise line ships for over 2 decades now. This port sees so much cruise liner activity that it is often referred to as the “Cruise Capital of the World”.

Two of the main players in the cruise ship liner game are in and out of Miami multiple times throughout a week. Of course I’m speaking about Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines.

The Port of Miami is one of the few ports around the world capable of handling the enormous size of these 2 companies’ newest additions to their cruise fleets.

port of miami

This is one of the main reasons that this passenger port has been listed as the number one entry/exit port in the world for so long now. This massive dock is also well renowned throughout the U.S. as being one of the major container ports along the eastern sea border.

The enormous amount of containerized cargo that passes through Miami is the main reason it has been dubbed as “Cargo Gateway of the Americas”.

The Port of Miami is one of the few ports in the entire world that handles the traffic of both incoming/outgoing shipments of containerized cargo, construction vehicles, and industrial equipment/supplies; as well as the arrival and departure of over 4 million passengers of the cruise lines yearly.

The activities conducted in this part of Miami-Dade County contribute to over $16 billion of the yearly income reported in Southern Florida. Not to mention the employment of over 100,000 workers in Miami.

For being one of the busiest ports anywhere around, you would think that there must be some point in their process that could use some improvement. Surprisingly, the Port of Miami has performed safely, effectively, and efficiently for the past 2 decades with very little serious improvements ever being made.

It has only been since the start of the building boom in Miami that major renovations had ever been discussed. With a newly allotted budget of $250 million, the already well functioning port will slingshot past all other competitors in the cruise line and containerized cargo industries.

The new equipment that has already been purchased by the port puts them atop the competition by having state of the art equipment that is only available in elite port facilities around the world. Miami is completely on fire right now, first the take the land by storm and now they’re moving on to sea.

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